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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, the members added during a meeting will be included in the calculation for the number of members who have to vote on a motion in order to make the vote valid.
Yes. The Chair or Staff Member can change the end date. However, the earliest date that the meeting can end is the day after the change has been made.
All meetings start and end at midnight of the group time which can be seen near the top of the group home page.

The way we handle this, is that the chair/staff and/or owner of the agenda topic can upload documents that are associated with the topic. If they modify the document and upload it again, it is automatically re-named with a numeral suffix at the end.

Each document uploaded, the most current version of the document will be the one with the highest suffix.

The chair/staff and/or author of the topic can delete documents at any time during the meeting. Once the meeting is over all the remaining documents become part of the minutes - so it is possible to keep each revision for further reference.

Yes, you can have as many meetings as you want simultaneously. This way if something comes up you do not have to wait for the next meeting to discuss it - a neww LORROS meeting can be scheduled at anythime.
All backgrounds, comments, responses, motions etc. are captured in the Lorros database. Together they form the minutes to the meetings. There can be no question regarding the accuracy and/or completeness of the minutes since the content has been recorded directly from the input of the members participating in the meeting. The minutes are available either in summary or complete form.
A meeting starts and ends at midnight of the group time. The earliest a meeting can be scheduled is the next day so that everyone in the group receives notification of the meeting before it starts. Also everyone will have an opportunity to add agenda topics to the meeting before it starts.

No. Think of it as a discussion around a water cooler. Anyone in the office can see that the discussion is taking place and can join in.

When the discussion is first started, all members of the group are sent an email. After that, only those who have been asked to join the discussion are include. Anyone in the group may opt-in or out at any time if they don't want to get the emails.

The discussion is always available online to the group, and a pdf copy can be downloaded by anyone in the group.

Once the discussion is finished, the chair or staff member(s) can permanently delete the discussion and no record is available.

A number of reasons:
  1. Email discussions have no formal way of ending. An end date for a Lorros discussion is set by the person starting the discussion.
  2. You can opt-in/out of a LORROS discussion at any time, however it is impossible to opt-in/out of an email thread once it has started.
  3. Someone may introduce a different thread in an email thread and then it gets hard to follow.
  4. Someone may forget to hit the “Reply All” button and then the thread gets broken.
  5. Groups do not usually have a good way to archive and search specific email threads.
I could go on but I think you get the idea.

Yes, the person who started the discussion, as well as the chair or staff can change the end date.

If the discussion has ended, it can also be restarted by simply changing the end date.

At the top of each discussion is a list of everyone cc'd in the discussion, if you are not currently in the discussion click the to join the discussion and receive the emails.

If you are not cc'd in the discussion, you can still read the discussion, and add comments/replies from the website (without getting the emails).

If you are being cc'd, there is a red X beside your name which will remove you from the discussion and you will no longer receive the emails.

Please Note : you cannot opt-out of a discussion you started.

Yes. The author of the discussion, or the administartors of the group (staff and chair) can reactivate a discussion after it has closed.

Action Items
The administrators of the group (staff and chair) can assign actions to anyone. Other members of the group cannot assign actions to anyone else, when they create an action it is automatically assigned to them - they have volunteered for the action.
On the morning that the action is due (and is not completed), and email is sent to the owner of the action item reminding that it is due today. If the action does not get completed on the due date, the active dropdown on the top navbar becomes highlighted in red to bring attention to the owner that it needs their attention.
Yes, the owner of the action can change the target date. There is a little pencil icon beside the target date at the top of the action item page, just click the icon the change the date.
Lorros does not show any poll results until you have voted. The reason for this is that you will not be influenced by the voting pattern of others in the group. The same philosophy is used in voting on motions in meetings.
All the answers to polls are drafted by the person who has submitted the poll. If you think these options should exist, contact this person. You can do this by sending an email directly from LORROS.
No. Since polls are informal and non-binding, Lorros does not provide for this. This is not like voting on a motion in a Lorros meeting where you may change your mind due to additional comments or reply made by group members after you first vote.
In order for LORROS to be efficient we reccomend no more than 20 members per group. LORROS is designed for board and committee meetings and NOT general assembly meetings.
Yes. You can be a member of as many groups as you wish. When you log in to Lorros, you will go to your personal home page. All the groups which you belong to will be listed there and you can access their home page by clicking on the group name.
You can contact the Lorros Team (all pages have a “contact us” link) and request that your data be removed.
LORROS has no way of knowing if the first part of the email address is correct or not. Same is true after the @ sign since new top-level domain names being added all of the time. Make sure you know the proper email address and enter it correctly. To check after the fact, when you go back to the Add New Members page, you will see a list of invited email addresses that have not responded yet. You can check email addresses here to see if they are correct. If they are not, simply re-invite the person using the correct email address.
No. Lorros is an online application. You can access it from any computer which is connected to the internet. LorrosPlus subscribers do not even have to keep any meeting documents on their own computers. Everything is accessible online.
Lorros is undergoing continuous improvement. Therefore the tutorial screenshots may not include the latest version at all times.

LORROS incorporates many of the new features of CSS3 and HTML5 in order to include many user interface improvements as well as to offer a seamless transition between desktop, tablet and smartphones. Older browsers do not support many of these features and LORROS will not work properly.

We strongly recommend that you update your browser in order to get the most from your online experience from LORROS as well as many other online applications.

To update your browser, click here.

On the login screen, click on the “Forgot Your Password” button. Lorros will send you a new password to use to login. Once you have logged in using that password, you can click on “Edit Profile” on your user home page. On the edit profile page, click on change password and follow the instructions. You will then be taken to the login page again. Login using your new password. Also see the tutorial.
You may be using an older version of your browser. Updating the browser should correct the problem, to update your browser, click here.
Yes. If you stay logged in while doing other things, when you get an email comment from Lorros, clicking the link will take you right to the meeting or discussion in Lorros and you can enter your reply directly. If, however, there are other people likely using your computer, you are advised to log out. When logged out, clicking the link in the email will take you to your login page and then to the correct meeting or discussion.
This could be due to extra toolbars you have open in your browser. Try closing some of these toolbars.
When you click the “Remember me” box, LORROS keeps track of your login information for an extended period so you will not have to login each time you go to the LORROS application. Remember me works as long as you DO NOT logout, or login from a different ip address.